Welcome to the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion’s dedicated website on the World’s Stateless Children. This site contains more than 70 contributions by both the Institute and over 50 of its partners, on the situation of stateless children around the world and various steps that can be taken to address childhood statelessness. It also contains additional reading and resources and further information on all contributors. We hope you enjoy browsing, and find this a useful resource.  

The right of every child to a nationality

This chapter centres the discussion of childhood statelessness in a rights-based discourse, which recognises nationality as an integral aspect of a child’s identity and acknowledges its function as a gateway right, enabling the enjoyment of other child rights. Includes contributions by Benyam Dawit Mezmur (CRC Committee), Hernan Vales (OHCHR) and Bernadette Habib (FR, Lebanon).

Migration, displacement and childhood statelessness

This chapter demonstrates how the acquisition and retention of nationality by migrant and refugee children can pose a real challenge - essential reading to ensure a more effective response to the vulnerabilities experienced by the world’s growing migrant and refugee populations. Includes contributions by Monica Sanchez Bermudez (NRC), Gábor Gyulai (Hungarian Helsinki Committee) and Alice Sirone/Michela Macchiavello (IOM).

Childhood statelessness and the Sustainable Development Agenda

This chapter shows how statelessness actors have started getting involved in the development discourse, through the initiative and leadership of various individuals and organisations, aiming to more engagement with the development sector. Includes contributions by Betsy Apple/Laura Bingham (OSJI), Ann-Sophie Lois (Plan International) and Bronwen Manby (LSE).

Safeguarding against childhood statelessness

This chapter demonstrates how the idea of establishing safeguards to deal with those cases in which a child would otherwise be stateless is widely accepted, but the implementation is not without its challenges. Includes contributions by Sanoj Rajan (Ansal University, India), Laurel Townhead (Quakers UN Office) and Liesl Muller (Lawyers for Human Rights, South Africa).

Litigating against childhood statelessness

This chapter looks at both why litigation and legal assistance is important, and how litigation and legal assistance can be successfully pursued; showing how this kind of engagement has the capacity to shape the very principles and norms that constitute international, regional and national human rights law. Includes contributions by Adam Weiss (European Roma Rights Centre), David Baluarte (Washington and Lee University) and Ferghana Lawyers (Kyrgyzstan).

Mobilising against childhood statelessness

This chapter shows how, in a short time, statelessness actors have developed many ‘good practices’ and creative mobilisation techniques, some of which are having a strong impact, with reflections of those who have campaigned and mobilised to address childhood statelessness around the world. Includes contributions by Chris Nash (European Network on Statelessness), Subin Mulmi (FWLD, Nepal) and Laura Quintana Soms (Minority Rights Group).

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